Support cycleME And Others In Need Of A Bicycle

Do you no longer need your old bicycle friend?

Perhaps you’ve updated and your old bicycle friend is sitting in your garage, unused, or in a state of disrepair. Perhaps you just don’t cycle anymore?

Instead of throwing your old friend out, how about donating them to cycleME?

If you have had your adventures with your bicycle friend you can now get in touch with us and give your bicycle a second chance at a new life.

We can repair and fix up your old bicycle and find a new home for them so they can be re-cycled.

Your old bicycle friend will either:

– Become a cycleME hire bicycle! We can name them after you.

– Be donated to a charity.

– Given to someone in need of a new bicycle friend – like a student or backpacker.

To donate your old bicycle friend please give Ben a call or send him an email with the details of your bicycle and where and when it can be collected. Bicycles with little to no rust are preferred. Other bicycles will be considered for parts.

0428 868 640